Our Story

How It All Started

​Founded by 2 young entrepreneurs with the goal of bringing luxury Canadian made DIY goods to the masses.

The idea came when we were unable to find a supplier who could dry our locally sourced pine live edge timber slabs. At the time we were preparing to manufacture furniture that incorporated these beautiful pieces of timber. Also the only live edge slabs we could find were very expensive and imported.

We wanted that to change!

Be proud!

We have created a unique way to customize live edge timber slabs and make furniture building something anyone can do!

Now everyone can buy timber slabs and create beautiful custom furniture at a fraction of the price that you would pay at a high end furniture store. And of course you can proudly tell your family and friends that you made it yourself.

​Our products are affordable and proudly 100% Canadian. We believe in supporting our local economy!

Our beliefs

  • ​Providing the best quality products at competitive prices.
  • We take pride in every item we ship.
  • Providing inspiration to our customers.
  • Providing the best possible customer service is at the core of everything we do.
  • We must have fun while working.
  • We must be a choice employer.

Our founders

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